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Sua Ra

How would your students describe your class and what can they expect?
Strong and dynamic with a focus on finding a meditative quality on breath and movement.
Most unusual place you’ve practiced yoga
I’ve practiced on so many rooftops of buildings throughout India. Probably not unusual but kinda funny. Many buildings in India have a rooftops and this is often the only place where you can have space to yourself without anyone around. And that is not easy in India!
What you want your student to take away from the class?
Getting to know yourself a little better
Star Sign

Chinese Star Sign
Favourite Yoga pose
I love the invigoration of any inversion and the way it turns your prospective upside down! I love how it challenges your spacial and somatic awareness.
Yoga pose you find the most challenging
How has yoga improved your life
Yoga has given me the tools to work with in challenging/stressful situations in my life.

What you love about teaching at Living Om
I love the community of people at Living Om!
Something random we’d never know about you
I was born in Germany and I loooove fun fashion prints!