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Steph McLean

Steph McLeanSteph teaches a Dynamic Vinyasa flow which incorporates pranayama and meditation to bring awareness to the mind-body connection through breath. A student of yoga over 10 years, Steph completed her first teacher training with Nicole Walsh at in Yoga in 2015, followed by Level 2 in the same year. Steph is inspired by the sequencing of Nicole Walsh, the anatomy expertise of Rachel Stanley and Glenn Phillips and guidance in meditation from Rod Galbraith.

Each class provides a safe place for each student to discover their true potential, from beginners to the advanced yogis. As an ultra-distance trail runner, Steph offers a unique experience for the runner and non-runner alike to find a balance of strength and ease (sthira and sukha) through the discipline of yoga. Students will leave her class having found a place of calm and stillness in mind and an awareness of the intricacies of the body which will transcend into everyday life.