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Sheryl Turner

Medium For Spirit
Psychic Readings
Passed Over Loved Ones
Spiritual Guidance
Reiki/Energy Healing

As a Medium I receive information by visions, words, feelings or simply by a knowing. I then relay the information and I basically give what I get, it may mean nothing to me but mean everything to you.

The Sixth Sense is the ability to perceive the subtle-dimension, also known as extrasensory perception. It is with this sixth sense that communication can be made with Spirit.

I welcome scepticism in the sense that someone wants to determine validity about something. My understanding of giving this validity, or proof, is to tell people something specific about a passed loved one or something significant about their life that ordinarily a stranger wouldn’t know.

In bringing this information through it brings a supported conclusion and much more! If you would like to connect with a passed loved one or feel you need some clarity or guidance around a situation call for an appointment.

Psychic Medium
Reiki Master/Teacher
0439 978 962