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Sevasti Orrego

How would your students describe your class and what can they expect?
A dynamic class to shift energy from the body whilst allowing the head a mental rest and the heart to be felt… How? With a theme to intent the practice, considered playlist for ambience and a bit of laughter thrown in ease and squeeze last bits of tension.

Most unusual place you’ve practiced yoga?
Anywhere… a rainbow flag painted pedestrian crossing on Santa Monica boulevard in LA, dance floor, toilet, construction site…

What you want your students to take away from the class?
That amongst the challenge of life and circumstances- self love and care is important.  What they feel is not trivial but with each breath and little tweaks of insight and understanding things can change… and a feeling of elation when they leave class.

Star Sign

Chinese Star Sign

Favourite yoga pose?
Vrksasana, bakasana, gomukhasana; savasana…any asana haha

Yoga pose you find the most challenging?
Sirsasana as opposed to tripod headstand

How has yoga improved your life?
Changed my perception of how to live. Taught me to accept  myself and be responsible for changes when required and how to change.  Ethically enhanced my focus and sense of belonging. Found my peace and happiness and curiosity for life.  Oh and through my bodily practice- taught me you can keep aging better and stronger instead of wasting away.

What you love about teaching at Living Om?
I love this space!! Space to breath; flow, unite and just be! I love the community of Living Om. I have made some very special friendships and met amazing people I otherwise wouldn’t have.  I just love teaching here where my yoga journey truly started with Manu even before his beautiful studios. I’ve been fortunate to have taught in both locations and everyone I meet teaches me something about humanity.  Very special place that I’m fortunate to teach at.

Something random we’d never know about you?
I was school captain.