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Michelle Waters

Michelle Waters

How would your students describe your class and what can they expect?

My students have described my classes as strong flowing class, that have them feeling balanced, clear and vibrant by the end, taking them through for the rest of their day. They have commented on how they like that they know what’s coming by taking them on a journey of clear instruction, allowing them to connect with their bodies and breath, making their practice a moving meditation and an exciting experience of exploration of themselves. By incorporating aspects of meditation and yogic philosophy, awareness of body and its connection to the breath, the mind and spirit, also using the sound of my crystal bowl and the end of each pactice….to clearly allow each student to feel that whole body experience.


Most unusual place you’ve practiced yoga?
I would probley say on a plane in the toilet, long flights is where you find the body really needing a few yoga poses to energise and stretch.

What you want your students to take away from the class?
I want them to take away a feeling of being able to really connect and feel into their bodies a little deeper each time, to heal and grow finding new strength, peeling back those layers and connecting with the love inside.

Star Sign

Chinese Star Sign

Favourite yoga pose?
I have so many, but I’ve narrowed it to 2 Astavakrasana (Eight Limb Pose) love this pose for its strength, balance and trust.

Ardha Chandrasana (Halfmoon) Love the way this pose opens up your body and lengthens.

Yoga pose you find the most challenging?
Gomukhasana (Cow Face Pose) my hips don’t like this one at all. I never force my body to stay in this one as it becomes painful, I know all our bodies are different and some poses just aren’t meant for everyone.

How has yoga improved your life?
It’s improved my life by allowing me to face my fears of public speaking, which has controlled everything I never did over the years because of it. I always put off doing my training because of this fear. Yoga has now allowed me to conquer my fear and smile in its face with love and compassion, it is still there sometimes in the back ground, but then I look at how far I’ve come, and it melts away.

What you love about teaching at Living Om?
I love the amazing students I see on a daily basis, we have become a big beautiful family. I look forward to going to work every day because they bring so much joy into my life watching their journey as they flow through their practice, it’s lovely to watch and see them fall in love with yoga as I did.

Something random we’d never know about you?
I love being outdoors in nature…love the beach and going on bushwalks. Feeling that connection to the earth. I would love to bring more of my yoga practice and crystal bowl sound healings outside in that space.