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Louise Walker

How would your students describe your class and what can they expect?
Students sometimes describe my classes as a healing journey.

I like to be creative when planning my classes, incorporating a unique intention and using plenty of respectful touch via physical assists.  I also aim to create a memorable sensory experience, with musical playlists, scents and quotes from profound texts. As well as teaching yoga and meditation, Louise is also a reiki healer and Meta NLP coach and she loves to weave these skills into her classes as well –  some have said that her classes are ‘better than therapy’.

Most unusual place you’ve practiced yoga?
At the back on big aeroplanes near the bathrooms when I’m flying long haul from Aus to Uk . . always get a few funny looks!  but feels SO good.

What you want your students to take away from the class?
I am passionate about creating a safe space within my yoga classes that encourage learning, healing, strength and spiritual growth.

Star Sign

Chinese Star Sign
never knew this before! Had to google it . . .
Sheep /(goat, or ram) and is among the animals that people like most. It is gentle and calm.

Favourite yoga pose?
Half pigeon. I love how it allows us to sink into ourselves, along with a yummy hip opener

How has yoga improved your life?
Before I was a yogi, my mind, body and soul were very separate from each other, they weren’t friends, in fact they often resented each other! Practising yoga has allowed my mind, body and soul to become friends, hold hands and love one another. I know feel complete, whole and at peace with yoga in my life.

What you love about teaching at Living Om?
The awesome yogis that rock up each week devoted to their practise with big smiles and generous hearts. Also the gorgeous space and energy in the room in Erina

Something random we’d never know about you?
My favourite colour is BROWN (yes brown)