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Kerry Caudwell

How would your students describe your class and what can they expect?
YOU will get a strong dynamic flow, balanced with pranayama, meditation and relaxation!!

Most unusual place I have practiced yoga?
Would have to be in Nepal in a small room with uneven floor, it was SO hot and smelly and the teacher was hilarious, he made the class even more unusual and full of character.

What you want your students to take away from the class?
I want my students to take something new away from each class, whether it be a new awareness, a new found strength, a new love of yoga, a new connection with self, but ultimately I want my students to take whatever it is that they need in that moment.

Star Sign
Taurus, the Bull.

Chinese Star Sign

Favourite yoga pose
Any Inversions, working on handstands, hand press’s and headstands, makes me happy.


The yoga pose I find most challenging
Would have to be the ‘Peacock Pose.

How has yoga improved your life?
Yoga has improved my life in SO many ways, words cannot really express the complete and utter gratitude for how much its helped. I have a stronger body, a stronger and more balanced mind, my emotions have a much more even state, and lastly my spiritual connection has expanded.

What you love about teaching at Living Om?
I love teaching at Living Om for so many reasons, firstly its run by 2 lovely humans, that have guided me always. Secondly I love the feel of the studio, beautiful energy. And lastly I love the students that practice there, forming some really beautiful connections.

Something random you wouldn’t know about me?
Hmmm I scrunch toilet paper, don’t fold EVER!!!