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Are there shower facilities?
Our Erina studio has shower facilities in the change rooms located on the ground level. Our Hornsby studio has change rooms, toilets and wash room facilities….showers to follow in the future!
Can we eat before the class?
Refrain from eating large meals at least 2 hours, or preferably 3hrs, before class.
How hot are the heated classes?
In heated classes we practice in a heated room between 30-35 degrees. So please make sure you’re well hydrated before class and remember to drink plenty of water after class. Please note: All kids classes will be held at room temperature!
How often should I practice?
Once a day or as often as you like, but remember to listen to your body. It is not unusual for committed students to practice 5-6 times a week but the intensity of their practice would vary to suit the energetic needs of the body each day. Slowing down and listening to your body’s intuition to guide you is part of the journey in Yoga. If you’re cross training with other sports then practicing 2-3 times a week would offer great benefit.
I am beginner, which class is good for me?
Our classes are open to all levels, but our Dynamic Basics classes are a great place for beginners to start and learn more about the postures and flow. (Check the time table for days and times).
I am pregnant, can I still practice?
Mums-to-be are welcome to practice but please consult with your medical professional before you join any of our classes and also make sure you let your teacher know. We recommend attending our Prenatal Classes where possible as they are non-heated and tailored especially to prepare the body and mind for the birthing process and beyond.
We do not recommend people start our Dynamic Yoga when pregnant however if you have been practicing for a while you are welcome to continue as long as you feel you can. We encourage all of our students to listen to their bodies and practice within their own limits.
I have a pre-existing medical condition, what do I do?
Please talk to the teacher about any pre-existing physical condition, old sports injuries or health concerns that might be relevant to practicing. Teachers will do their best to provide modifications to suit your needs.
What to expect on our first day at the studio?
• Please arrive at least 15 to 20 minutes early on your first visit to register.
• It’s always best to arrive at least 10 minutes before class to grab your spot and relax before we start.
• Bring a yoga mat, towel and water bottle with you or hire ours.
• Yoga mats are free to use on your first visit & only $1 to hire any time thereafter.
• Please leave your shoes in the racks provided outside the practice room. Bags can be left in the cubes provided inside the sudio as we practice in bare feet (no socks).
• Think of you fellow yogis and practice good personal hygiene/cleanliness and please refrain from smoking or wearing strong perfumes/deodorants prior to class.
• Please turn your mobile off or set to silent before you enter the practice room.
• Plan to stay for the entire duration of a class. You may rest as often as you need throughout the class.
• Ask questions to the teacher before or after the class.
What to wear?
Wear non-restrictive clothing and be prepared to sweat.
Why the heated room?
We heat our rooms to around 30-35 Degrees to help connective tissue within the body glide over them easily. At times you will notice that we turn the heat off in the room when the summer conditions don’t require us to artificially warm the room. Our aim is to keep the room at a temperature that promotes sweating as a great way of detoxing through the skin, which is the biggest organ of our body and to warm the body to keep the body supple, increasing joint mobility and flexibility. We also enjoy the great challenge the heat provides and just sweating that much and letting-go feels great. At the end of a warm yoga practice you feel mentally, spiritually and emotionally cleansed – a great way to balance a busy lifestyle.