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Daniel Goldsmith

How would your students describe your class and what can they expect?

Challenging, nurturing, transformative, and informative.

A Kundalini yoga class is based around a kriya, an exact, dynamic combination of postures (Asana), breathing (Pranayam) and sound (Naad) – a complete system that balances the body, mind, and soul, and increases mental clarity and physical vitality. When we practise Kundalini Yoga, we tune in by chanting the Adi Mantra ‘Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo’, connecting us to the purity of the infinite teacher living within each of us. The structure of a Kundalini Yoga class usually flows in the following sequence; Tuning in with the Adi Mantra followed by a Pranayam meditation or a short warm up kriya to connect with the present moment and the body. Next is the main Kriya, followed by Savasana (Deep Relaxation). A meditation will follow to close the class.

Kundalini Yoga is for everyone. It is practicle but also very powerful. It works quickly to give you grace, balance, and most of all, the ability to remain calm, centred, and clear through life’s challenges. Kundalini yoga is spiritual but not religious and people of all faiths or no faith will benefit from practicing it.

Kundalini yoga is an opening towards life, it’s a total opening process where your open to totality and you are not different from totality, you are part of totality. Opening the self to all.

Most unusual place youíve practiced yoga
In Kundalini Yoga teacher training, we are given kriya’s to do everyday for a minimum of 40 days. During those 40 days, many make do places formed my yoga space. It wasn’t where i was but how i was when i was there. That made practising Kundalini Yoga in awkward places a sancutaury no matter if i was in a church, park or at a friends place. The most unusual place i have practised yoga was suspended off the floor in a tree. We had been asked to spend overnight in a tree during our training, i could not sleep so i meditated and practised Kundalini Yoga.

What you want your students to take away from the class
A deeper more profound connection to life and their authentic role in it. To live from the heart and not the head, understanding with compassion. The student will have the tools to a clear vision of what they truly desire and walk the path of Dharma. In yogic terms this is a path of co-creation, consciously living out the destiny you have chosen with the support universe.

Star Sign Chinese Star Sign
Aries Rooster

Favourite yoga pose?
Strectch Pose – Lying on the back, feet together, flatten lower back into the ground, lift the head and heart up looking at the toes, lift the feet up 6 inches and breathe of fire. This is totaly body, mind stimulation! When done in the morning you will never need another coffee again, it purifies with the breathe and awakenes the agni (inner fire) of the body to get you going!

Yoga pose you find the most challenging?
Urdhva Dhanurasana – Wheel Pose. This pose is a posture i took the time to strengthen and gain confidence before trying. It takes dedication to prepare the body and mind for something challenging. I learnt that it is not a matter of how good i do the posture but how i act approaching it and whilst i am in it.

How has yoga improved your life?
Yoga has awakened me to my own potential. I entered the path of yoga at a time where things where hopeless, i was totally a mess. Yoga have me the tools to pick myself up and begin the journey to finding my purpose and living that purpose. The best thing about yoga for me, is the community – the sangat. Connecting with others walking the path and helping eachother through life’s curve balls.

What you love about teaching at Living Om?
The location of Living Om Hornsby, on top of the hill at the highest point of Hornsby, overlooking the rest of the town, like a lighthouse offering a vibration of love and community. Living om has been a key factor in the awakening of this area and those that come to the studio. It is a space for all to find time to be with themselves, honoring their body, mind and spirit. I love to teach at Living Om, as this studio has helped me grow as a human and a yoga teacher. The community and welcoming space at Living Om is always blooming with conscious conversations and heartfelt discussions. It is soulenriching to be part of the Living Om team.

Something random weíred never know about you?
During the day i am a Student of Architecture and work in the building design team at Turrell Building. I am passionate about designing the built environment to harmoniously work with the natural order of all living things. The same way yoga focuses on Chi’, Prana or life force moving through the body; Architecture also has the same effect through a building. Goldy is dedicated to designing architecture to enhance the flow of life force and consciousness for the occupants of that building, offering a space of well being and healing whilst being aesthetically pleasing.