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Berna Berti

Berna1Berna was introduced to yoga in 2005 when she attended her first Iyengar class at a local community centre. She was immediately drawn to the physical and mental benefits that yoga provided and continued to practice in this style for 8 years, with a strong focus on alignment and precision. Berna completed her Hatha yoga teacher training in Sydney in 2012 under Yogananth Andiappan (based on Thirumoolar’s Ashtanga Yoga). Each year, Berna visits Andiappan’s yoga studio in Hong Kong to further her personal practice and teacher training skills.
Berna discovered LivingOm in 2013 and was immediately drawn to the Dynamic Flow style of yoga; in particular the way in which it fosters meditation within movement. She continues to practice at LivingOm Hornsby and is keen to share the benefits that the dynamic practice can have on one’s physical and mental health.