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Angela Streck

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About this Teacher:

After practicing traditional martial arts for 7 years, Angela began her yoga journey by chance when an old friend invited her to a class. The friend didn’t make it and they met up later, but after feeling the benefits of just one class Angela wanted to explore what this ‘yoga thing’ was all about. In Sydney Angela practiced Iyengar yoga, learning in depth alignment cues and a sense of stillness. She also practiced the Shadow yoga style where repetitive movements are used to breakdown
habits. Moving to the Central Coast in 2011 Angela discovered dynamic heated yoga – the way philosophy was interwoven into the flowing classes inspired her and Angela completed her teacher training at LivingOm in 2013.

“Having experienced various levels of anxiety and migraines through my life, I have felt the benefits of yoga first hand. With it, I have definitely become a calmer, kinder, stronger and more flexible person. I love the mental and emotional shifts that come from practice, the ongoing sense of discovery and challenge, and the conscious development of acceptance and compassion.”

Angela also has qualifications in Personal Training and a Certificate in Nutrition.